January 2017 Minutes

January 2017

Call to order at 6:05 pm

Those present:Carol Mercer, Jill Prest, Deb Martinez, Pam Runyon, Natilie Krause, and Robin Geralds.  Warren trotter arrived at 6:10.

Jill made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Deb- motion passed.

Correspondence-Thank you card from the Miesners for having an enjoyable library.

Treasurer’s report – Deb made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and pay the upcoming bills, seconded by Jill – motion passed.

There is a board opening – we are still looking to fill John’s position.

Moving side – a group spent the last week of December moving the children’s and adult sides of the library.

Meeting dates – Pam made a motion to accept the monthly dates of the meetings for 2017.  Seconded by deb – motion passed.

We are in need of an electrician, maintenance and janitor position.  Linda Henson has asked about the janitor position.  The personnel committee recommends Linda Henson for the janitor position.  A motion was made be Pam to accept the recommendation, seconded by Jill – motion passed.

Donation box – We would like to use the money collected  from the donation box to buy a rug or foam mats for the children’s side.

Floors- Robin is asking Robb Cobb about estimates to clean both sides of the library floor.

little libraries – All 3 libraries have been made.  The art club need money for paint.

Adjourn 7 pm