July 2017 Minutes

July 28, 2017

Call to order at 7:10 pm

Those present: Carol Mercer, Robin Geralds, Warren Trotter, Debbie Martinez, Jill Prest, Pam Runyon and Natalie Krause

Jill made a motion to accept and post the minutes, seconded by Warren- motion passed

Debbie made a motion to accept the Treasurer report and pay the upcoming bills, seconded by Warren- motion passed

Federal Holiday Policy- A motion was made by Debbie, seconded by Pam stating if the holiday falls on a day that an employee would normally be scheduled off, they can pick a day during the same week with pay as long as no one else is already off. – Motion passed

Website is up and running smoothly. Patrons are able to check on books in our library, reserve books at other libraries, etc.…

The audit is still a work in progress but we are getting closer

Cookbook- Linda Henson has been put in charge of it and is working on it

Copier contract is upon our printer. We are looking at our options

Mold expert- we need to find someone to come look at the library tutor room

The board is looking into our options of switching the adult and children sections of the library

Back to school event- We have things to give away- paperwork for reading club, toddler club info and the monthly calendar. Kay will be there.  It’s August 11 from 2-7 at the High school

We need the blade sharpened on the paper cutter

Pam made a motion that the Library purchase 1 t-shirt for the staff that is reasonably priced, seconded by Jill- motion passed

Trustee training

Adjourn 8:30