June 2017 Minutes

June 23, 2017

Call to Order at 7 pm

Those present: Jill Prest, Robin Geralds, Warren Trotter, Debbie Martinex, Pam Runyon, and Natalie Krause

Pam made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Debbie – motion passed

Correspondence- Thank you cards were received from Jill and Debbie

Jill made a motion to accept the Treasurer report, seconded by Warren-motion passed

Discussion about Federal Holiday issue was tabled

Tutoring room is organized

Summer reading is going awesome. The kids are enjoying it

Prevailing wage-Pam made a motion to accept the Prevailing wage ordinance and print it in the paper, seconded by Debbie-motion passed

Nonresident fee-Pam made a motion to change our nonresident fee, seconded by Debbie- motion passed. According to the formula determined by the state our non-resident fee needs to be raised to $35

If there are 3 or more people at a committee meeting minutes need to be taken. Executive sessions can be kept confidential for 20 years..

Starting the new fiscal year minutes have to be electronically filed on the website.

Trustee training can’t be watched. The WI-Fi antenna is broken on the cart.  A new one has been ordered.

Adjourn at 7:44