September 2017 Minutes

September 22, 2017

Call to order at 7 pm

No public

Those present: Carol Mercer, Robin Geralds, Pam Runyon, Warren Trotter, Debbie Martinez, Jill Prest, and Natalie Krause6

Jill made a motion to accept the minutes as edited, seconded by Debbie- motion passed

Thank you card from Robin

Rachel Rheinecker sent a resume.  We will forward it to the personnel committee

Debbie made a motion to accept the Treasurer report and pay the upcoming bills, seconded by Pam- motion passed

Debbie made a motion to put our books for free at the community yard sale since we are overwhelmed, seconded by Warren- motion passed

We are working to get committees together

The minutes have been audited by Carol and Deb.  Pam made a motion to accept the changes that need to be made.  January 27 minutes the year is corrected to 2016.  In March the date was the 23rd and it needs to be the 24th.  Warren needed to be added officially.  The motion was seconded by Deb- motion passed

Since no public cam to argue the Budget an Appropriation Ordinance Warren made a motion to officially accept the seconded by Deb- motion passed

Discussion was held on budget amounts

Carbondale Library had a sale.  Kay got leap pads, Halloween decorations and signs for free.

Change in the policy- We need to add expense amount search warrant a pregnancy- maternity

leave.  Takes care of the Chapter 6 access

Adult programs- Carol suggested yoga for older adults.  Tarot card- we had people ask about so we may do it again.  Would like to have more fun programs

TWIGS- Went really well.

Statement of economic interest

Carol and John term is up and they need to run again.  Warren and Deb need to run since they were only nominatedGrant-Deaconess Literacy Grant.  We received it for the reading club

Working cash fund ordinance- Last year for it

Pam made a motion to dissolve the old working cash fund and adopt a new working cash fund that we can levy for that will last 4 years, seconded by Jill- motion passed

Discussion was held about Trunk or Treat- we will follow last year’s precedent

CD’s earned interest.  One earned $144.39 and the other was $115.31

Debbie made a motion to move the October meeting to Wednesday, October 26

We talked about possible donation for faxes

Adjourn 8 pm