Fines and Fees


Books / Magazines / Paperbacks / Audios 5¢ per day (per item)

Videos/DVDs 25¢ per day (per video)


         Computer Printouts                       25¢ a sheet

         Copier                                           25¢ a sheet

Fax Machine (To send or Receive)        $1.00 per 5 pages

Lost or Damaged Books Replacement Cost

 Lost Library Card       $3.00

Non-Resident Library card $35.00 per year for family card

Resident Card

      To get a library card, one must reside in the library district. Marissa Area Public Library District is the same district area as the school, Marissa Community School District #40. Please bring a valid driver’s license.  All resident cards are valid for three years.

Non-Resident Card

     Non-resident cards are $35.00 a year per family. Please bring identification.